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January 30th, 2012: Carey Price

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Carey Price
Montréal Canadiens

Age: 24
Position: Goalie

That is one pretty man right there.  He’s dressed well, his hair is done, he doesn’t have caterpillar eyebrows, and those eyes. Wow. I usually like blue or green eyes, personally, but his copper-colored eyes are absolutely captivating. His face is perfectly proportionate, he doesn’t have too big or small of a head. It’s clear that he is not just skin and bone (which may sound like a given but there are hockey players that actually are really skinny). This is just a gorgeous man. Except for his ears, everything is nearly flawless, but big ears aren’t necessarily a bad thing! Because you know what that means ;] ….nothing. Means he has big ears, get your mind out of the gutter. Anyways, Carey is boasting a .912 save percentage (SV%) so far this season along with a 2.40 goals against average (GAA). This past weekend he took part in the NHL All Star game and put on quite a show. Carey is apparently quite the comedian, and who doesn’t love a boy with a sense of humor? Here’s just a sample of his comic routine: 

Congratulations, Carey!

A big “Holler at me!” to the first Hottie of the Week!


New Approach

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My sincerest apologies, ladies. I have indeed fallen behind on this blog. In my defense, I cannot post a hottie of the day if no hotties perform well. It may sound crazy and impossible, but I swear to you that I have looked and looked through all 30 teams and apparently the pretty boys are slacking. Additionally, a lot of the pretty ones are injured (Patrick Sharp, Sidney Crosby, Matt Duchene).

This dilemma has brought me to the conclusion to change my approach.

No, I am not getting rid of the requirement for the hottie to have done something in his last five games. Because without standards, where would we be?

My new approach is to select a hottie of the WEEK instead of the day.

Please don’t stone me, I really had no other choice.

I will post hotties of the week on Monday. My reasons being:

  1. Mondays suck, so this will make them a little better.
  2. Most games are at the end of the week, so this gives them the opportunity to perform at levels acceptable for being selected as hottie of the week. (Versus if I were to select a hottie on a Friday and there were only 4-5 games in the days before that)

I am sure that once it gets to crunch time and everyone is fighting for a playoff spot, hotties will be stepping up more. When that time comes, perhaps I will make it the hottie of the day once again, but until then the hotttie of the week shall be the path I take.

So, stay tuned for Monday January 30th, for the first hottie of the week. I will do my best to find a shirtless man to make up for your (and my) disappointments.

January 21, 2012: Paul Statsny

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Paul Statsny
Colorado Avalanche

Age: 26
Position: Center

Hellooooo green eyes. How are you? Maybe it’s just me, but I love a man who gives off this “shy” vibe. The little held back smile, like “Oh my goodness you’re taking my picture, I’m blushing.” He is just too cute. Not to mention he dresses well and is the perfect height at 6’0″. Statsny has been pretty much carrying the Avs lately. In his last five games he has posted 13 shots on goal, 3 assists, 2 goals, and four penalty minutes. He’s quite the Alternate Captain, stepping up as it appears Duchene is stepping back. Congratulations, Paul! Don’t be so shy, you’re incredibly handsome!

January 20, 2012: John Tavares

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John Tavares
New York Islanders

Age: 21
Position: Center


My, my is this boy easy on the eyes or what? He has a plethora of nice features going on here: strong jawline, high cheekbones, non-caterpillar eyebrows, and those eyes. Wow, I could just stare in his eyes and melt. Beautifully serious green eyes.  John was the first overall draft pick by the New York Islanders in the 2009 NHL Draft and has played for them ever since. In his rookie season he posted 24 goals and 30 assists for 54 points through all 82 games, quite impressive! I must also note that I love his attitude, even in game pictures it is rare to catch him without a smile. This tells me that he truly loves what he does and that is a quality to be admired. In his last five games, Tavares has tallied 26 shots on goal, 4 assists, and 3 goals (one of which was a powerplay goal). Congratulations, John! You have every reason to smile.

January 19, 2012: Peter Mueller

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Peter Mueller
Colorado Avalanche

Age: 23
Position: Center


Sorry to have kept everybody waiting! But I think this is a hunk worth waiting for. Either way, a thousand apologies to my followers. I also apologize that it’s not easy to find a picture of Mueller so he’s in his old Coyotes uniform (no I didn’t get his team wrong). ANYWAYS. On to the fun stuff, yes? Well, he’s got a great face and a rockin’ hairdo. I love a man that spikes his hair! Not to mention, the smirk on his face is just enough to catch any lady’s attention, I think. In Peter’s last five games he has posted 17 shots on goal, 1 assist, and 2 goals (the 3 points were actually all from the same game). Congratulations, Peter! Participate in more photo opps, please!

January 18, 2012: Henrik Lundqvist

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Henrik Lundqvist
New York Rangers

Age: 29
Position: Goaltender

All hail, King Henrik! What an incredibly handsome man, and those baby blue eyes! Oh, I just melt. Those Swedes, I tell ya, they’re like Czechs: never age in appearance, and always lookin’ good. Not to mention, Lundqvist has very classy taste in fashion as well.  Through his seven-season career, King Henrik has 233 wins, 146 losses, and 39 shutouts. In his last five games, he has 3 wins, 2 losses, 137 saves, and one shutout in last night’s contest against the Nashville Predators. Congratulations, Henrik! Du är så vacker!

January 17, 2012: T.J. Oshie

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T.J. Oshie
St. Louis Blues

Age: 25
Position: Right Wing

What a hunk, let me tell ya. His face is one you just look at and can’t look away, and my, my what a handsome smile this boy has! All around a very attractive and well-put-together man. The best part: he is good at hockey, too! Whoohoo! Oshie has been with the Blues for four seasons now and is always putting up big numbers. In his last five games, T.J. has recorded 16 shots on goal, 3 assists, one [game winning] goal, and six penalty minutes. His game-deciding goal last night is the reason the Blues have tied for first in the league in points. Congratulations, T.J.! You are quite tasty.

January 16, 2012: Jonathan Toews

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Jonathan Toews
Chicago Blackhawks

Age: 23
Position: Center

Mmmmm, what a man. It was so hard deciding which picture I should use for today, but I think I made the right choice for Captain Serious. In 2010, Toews had one amazing season. He won the gold medal with Canada in the Winter Olympics, won the Stanley Cup with his Blackhawks, and was awarded playoff MVP. He is incredibly talented and passionate about hockey. In his last five games, Jonathan has posted 13 shots on goal, 3 assists, 2 goals, and two penalty minutes. Congratulations, Jonathan! You are seriously a babe.

January 15, 2012: Jared Spurgeon

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Jared Spurgeon
Minnesota Wild

Age: 22
Position: Defense


Back off, ladies, this right here is my future husband. Jared Spurgeon is a dynamite defenseman…and he is so damn cute! While he excels at his job defending the crease and holding the blue line, he also provides a plethora of offense for the Minnesota Wild. Thus far this season, Jared has provided 1/3 of all points contributed by the Wild defense as a whole. In his last five games, Spurgeon has posted 12 shots on goal, 2 penalty minutes, and one powerplay goal. Congratulations, Jared! Can’t wait for the wedding.

January 14, 2012: Mike Santorelli

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Mike Santorelli
Florida Panthers 

Age: 26 
Position: Center

Yes. Yes, I did use a picture of myself with Mike for this blog. Be jealous, ladies. Mike played for the Nashville Predators American Hockey League affiliate, the Milwaukee Admirals, from the 2007-08 season till the 2009-10 season. Mike was an absolute unstoppable force in the minor leagues. He was easily the best player on the entire roster while he was there. Now, he plays for the Florida Panthers and in his first full NHL season (2010-11), he posted 20 goals and 21 assists for a 41 point season. He was plagued with injury for the first month and a half of this season, but in his last five games he posted 12 shots on goal, and scored one goal (no assists, no penalties). Congratulations, Mike! Miss you and still would love nothing more than to just…yeahhh.