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February 27th, 2012: Matt Duchene

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Matt Duchene
Colorado Avalanche

Age: 21
Position: Center


Another warm “Welcome back!” to a greatly-missed hottie. Matt Duchene is the rock of the Avalanche and his team was definitely hurting while he was out with a knee injury. I am ecstatic that he is back and I’m sure Colorado is, too. He is such a powerhouse of talent in such a young man. He has been playing with the Avs since he was drafted in 2009, in fact, he was so important to the team that they didn’t allow him to play for team Canada in the IIHF (International Ice Hockey Federation) World Junior Championships. He has officially played in five games now since his injury on December 29th, 2011. In these last five games Matt has posted 10 shots on goal, one assist, two penalty minutes and one goal. Not quite the ‘Sidney Crosby’ return but he is definitely making an impact on his team. Plus, I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but he’s incredibly handsome. A little awkward in his stance, but just cute as a button. I love his hazel-brown eyes and his smile is so adorable and genuine, how can you not fall in love with it? I look forward to oodles more points out of this stud in the playoff push, for sure! Congratulations Matt!!


February 20th, 2012: Patrick Sharp

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Patrick Sharp
Chicago Blackhawks

Age: 30
Position: Left Wing


First and foremost, WELCOME BACK, MR. SHARP. He was out with an upper body injury for about a month and hockey was just not the same. The Hawks were faltering a lot without him and well, the ladies missed him terribly I’m sure (I know I did). If I recall correctly, he is considered one of the sexiest men in the Chicago area, and who can argue that? I swear this isn’t a man, this is an angel right here. He’s so perfect looking! Prince Charming doesn’t even look this good, though I must admit, if he wanted to sweep me off my feet he is more than welcome to. He is incredibly handsome, clean cut, and classy. A woman’s dream. On the plus side, the man is truly gifted in hockey. In his last five games he has tallied 20 shots on goal, 3 assists, no penalty minutes and 2 goals (not bad at all for someone just returning to the game). Congratulations, Patrick!

Who has two thumbs and the most handsome smile ever?

This guy, right here.

February 13th, 2012: Maxime Talbot

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Maxime Talbot
Philadelphia Flyers

Age: 28
Position: Center

I have been waiting ever so impatiently to award this title to Max Talbot, lovingly referred to by myself as MAXY! He is incredibly attractive, it’s almost unfair that he is so gloriously handsome. He’s always a good sport and good for a laugh in his interviews. He’s sexy, fun, and a hockey player. He meets all of the criteria on my check list (sorry just watched The Ugly Truth yesterday, had to). While I still mourn his move from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia, I cannot deny the sheer joy I have when he does well, and that is how he earned his spot today! (Plus, it was his birthday Saturday! How could I not make him hottie of the week after his birthday?? ) In his last five games, Maxy has 9 shots on goal, 1 assist, four penalty minutes, and two goals (including one in last night’s match in Detroit). Rejoice with me ladies! Max Talbot is finally the Hottie of the Week! Congratulations Maxy!!

February 6th, 2012: Cody Franson

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Cody Franson
Toronto Maple Leafs

Age: 24
Position: Defenseman

Cody’s a cutie, that’s for sure. Very handsome smile, gorgeous steel blue eyes, well-groomed with a clean shaven face and perfectly styled hair. Yes, this right here is definitely a quality piece of eye candy. Plus he is just overall so cute, look at that baby face! And he has this crazy habit of sticking his tongue out all the time on the ice which is funny and adorable. At 6’5″ and 213 lbs, he is also a nice hunk of muscle, and I don’t know any girl who would complain about that! In his last five games, Franson has notched eight shots on goal, two assists as well as two penalty minutes, scored a powerplay goal, and has gone an overall plus-4 (he did not go minus-anything in the last five games). Congratulations, Cody!