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March 19th, 2012: Sidney Crosby

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Sidney Crosby
Pittsburgh Penguins

Age: 24
Position: Center


As my general rule of thumb, hotties are always welcomed back as Hottie of the Week after injury. Sidney Crosby was out for over 100 games, so I think he definitely qualifies (besides, I need to reward him before he gets injured again). Sidney is an undeniably good-looking man and arguably one of the best hockey players in the world (when he’s healthy). His hair is always perfect, no matter what style he’s in at the time. Somehow, he can pull off the shaggy hair and the spiky hair, it’s impressive; I do not know of many men who can. He’s got an incredible body: he’s 5’11” and 200lbs. If you like muscles like I do, you have to love Mr. Crosby. I think he generally speaks for himself in the looks department, similar to Zach Parise. His talent speaks for itself as well, but it has been overshadowed so much by his injury, you may need a reminder.  Throughout Sidney’s career he has 217 goals and 372 assists for 589 career points…through 423 games. He has won an Olympic gold medal and the Stanley Cup. In his first game back this season, the most glorious day ever – my birthday, he scored two goals and recorded two assists. He had not been playing for over 10 months. Unfortunately, he returned to the IR shortly after. He has returned yet again, hoping to stay this time. In his last three games he has recorded 10 shots on goal and five assists. This seems like nothing compared to his potential but I, for one, would much rather he ease back into the game and stay than come back with a bang just to leave again. Congratulations, Sidney!

I didn’t name drop Zach Parise for nothing! Three of my favorite hotties all in one picture. Life is good!


March 12th, 2012: James Neal

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James Neal
Pittsburgh Penguins

Age: 24
Position: Left Wing

Good news! I have found my back-up husband, just in case things with Jared Spurgeon don’t work out. JAMES NEAL! I’m into brunettes, if you hadn’t noticed by now, and my favorite look is a brunette with lighter colored eyes, like Mr. Handsome here. His eyes are an  incredible deep teal color and he looks like an absolute sweetheart. His adorable slightly-awkward smile is the cherry on top of his boy-next-door look. Whether that is what he was aiming for or not is beyond me, but it is incredibly attractive. In his last five games James has tallied 18 shots on goal, three assists, one goal, and six penalty minutes (a feisty one!). He has been the silver lining to the Penguins’ dark cloud that is Crosby’s injury, and there is no way the team would be where they are now without Neal. Congratulations, James!

This sexy trio has been an incredible supplement for Pittsburgh’s long lost captain.
(James Neal, Kris Letang, Evgeni Malkin)

March 9th, 2012: Zach Parise

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Yes, ladies. I know it’s Friday. And I am deeply sorry if your Monday sucked without a hottie. It was midterm week so I was quite busy, but hey. Happy Friday!

Zach Parise
New Jersey Devils

Age: 27
Position: Left Wing

A repeat offender, yes, but honestly who is surprised? This man is sex on skates. He’s always clean cut and classy, not a stubble of unnecessary facial hair on that beautiful canvas (in fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him even with a playoff beard). His hair is always perfect, and his eyes are copper-colored paradise. Overall an incredibly handsome man. He’s the Jennifer Aniston of men (all the girls love her but hate her at the same time because she’s so pretty). Not to mention, I’m sure a lot of guys envy his talent as well as his looks! In his last five games, Parise (the captain of the Devils) has recorded 11 shots on goal, three assists, two penalty minutes, and four goals: including a hat trick against the Washington Capitals. All this beauty and brawn is definitely something to celebrate! Congratulations again, Zach!

(Since the blog is late I will provide another picture of this sexy American boy)