February 27th, 2013: Roman Josi

In Uncategorized on February 27, 2013 at 7:42 pm

Yeah, I missed Monday. Oh well.

Nashville Predators Headshots

Roman Josi
Nashville Predators

Age: 22
Position: Defense


Oh, how I love the Swiss. Roman is a beautiful man by any woman’s standards – he’s got that suave, heart-breaker vibe working for him in all areas. His hair is a hot mess, his eyes are dreamy, he has incredible bone structure and that tiny tuft of hair on his chin makes him absolutely irresistible!  Defensemen are a rare sight in this blog, because generally they do most of their work in their own zone (of course). The game needs defense, but my hands are tied by my own rules; however, to my great pleasure, Roman has made the list! In his last five games, Roman has recorded 13 shots on goal, two assists, and 3 goals. Not bad at all for a blue-liner! Not to mention, two of those three goals came in the same game both assists. I guess he just had Nilstorp’s number. Roman is also very effective at his post on the blue-line and boasts a +5 on the season so far through twenty games. Congratulations, Roman! 


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